With its 3-dimensional Decentralization, the IdeaGraph surpasses Blockchain

Vitalik Buterin (co-founder of Ethereum) writes that there are 3 axes (dimensions) of decentralization.  

  1. Architectural (de)centralization — how many physical computers is a system made up of? How many of those computers can it tolerate breaking down at any single time?
  2. Political (de)centralization — how many individuals or organizations ultimately control the computers that the system is made up of?
  3. Logical (de)centralization— does the interface and data structures that the system presents and maintains look more like a single monolithic object, or an amorphous swarm? One simple heuristic is: if you cut the system in half, including both providers and users, will both halves continue to fully operate as independent units?

Even if an IdeaGraph is split, the post-split portions can continue to function as logically independent IdeaGraphs, thus resulting logically decentralization.   Using Buterin’s 3-axes (dimensions) of decentralization, the IdeaGraph surpasses Blockchain.  



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