Democratizing Innovation

Crypto 3.0 (=CryptoCreativity) democratizes innovation by

  1. Transforming work into play

    As AI-driven technologies continue to reshape work by enabling the automation of 50% of work activities, employees have to be far more creative in creating value for their organizations.  By transforming work into curiosity-driven play, employees can contribute distinctive value to their organizations. 

  2. Opening Research from Few to Many

Stanford economics professor Charles Jones’s growth equation

Professor Jones’s equation regards researchers as the primary drivers of productivity and economic growth.  However only about 0.11% of the population are researchers.  

However, with as ideas become harder to find, thus resulting in declining productivity growth, it’s time for a transformational approach towards increasing invention, and productivity.

FEW Researchers

With the transformation of work into play, many (including non-professional researchers) can play with IdeaGraphs to contribute ideas that eventually lead to economic growth.

Increasing the Pool of Research Contributions by 500X

Instead of a mere 0.11% of the population (who are the professional researchers) who are creating new ideas for economic growth, perhaps the entire workforce  (at least 50% of the population = approximately 500-fold increase) can also contribute.   

Many Working Adults + Children (500x)



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